We're committed to making zero pellet loss a priority and have taken the pledge to be an Operation Clean Sweep Partner.

The Glendale Group, in co-operation with the local environmental charity FIDRA, have signed up to an international programme designed by the plastics industry and supported by The British Plastics Federation and Plastics Europe called Operation Clean Sweep. This initiative provides practical solutions to prevent loss for those who make, ship and use flake and pellet. The key message is that good handling practice can easily reduce flake and pellet loss.

There are five basic steps used for implementing Operation Clean Sweep

  1. Commit to making zero pellet loss a priority
  2. Assess our needs
  3. Upgrade the facilities and equipment where necessary
  4. Raise awareness and create accountability
  5. Follow-up and enforce procedures.

Additional Benefits

This programme forms part of our sustainability/environmental initiatives and ensures compliance with regulations, contributing to improving water quality and wildlife.

Every employee has been trained with a specific ‘Clean-as-you-go’ policy which has made it easier to implement this zero-loss program. In addition to this, Operation Clean Sweep aligns with employee’s personal health and safety procedures.